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Recombinant TIMP1 Antibody [Discontinued] [clone TIMP1/1944R] (V3596)

  Catalog No Formulation Size Price (USD)  
Image V3596-100UG 0.2 mg/ml in 1X PBS with 0.1 mg/ml BSA (US sourced) and 0.05% sodium azide 100 ug 429
V3596-20UG 0.2 mg/ml in 1X PBS with 0.1 mg/ml BSA (US sourced) and 0.05% sodium azide 20 ug 199
V3596SAF-100UG 1 mg/ml in 1X PBS; BSA free, sodium azide free 100 ug 429
V3596IHC-7ML Prediluted in 1X PBS with 0.1 mg/ml BSA (US sourced) and 0.05% sodium azide; *For IHC use only* 7 ml 429
SDS-PAGE analysis of purified, BSA-free recombinant TIMP1 antibody (clone TIMP1/1944) as confirmation of integrity and purity.
Availability Discontinued
Species Reactivity Human
Format Purified
Clonality Recombinant Rabbit Monoclonal
Isotype Rabbit IgG, kappa
Clone Name TIMP1/1944R
Purity Protein A affinity chromatography
UniProt P01033
Localization Cytoplasmic, secreted
Applications ELISA : 2-4ug/ml (order BSA/azide-free format)
Limitations This recombinant TIMP1 antibody is available for research use only.
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TIMP1 is an inhibitory molecule that regulates matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), and disintegrin-metalloproteinases (ADAMs and ADAMTSs). In regulating MMPs, TIMP1 plays a crucial role in extracellular matrix (ECM) composition, wound healing, and pregnancy.

The dysregulated activity of TIMP1 has been implicated in cancer. In pregnancy, TIMP1 plays a regulatory role in the process of implantation, particularly the cytotrophoblast invasion of the uterine endometrium. Additionally, it plays a role in regulating the transcriptional profile of fetal and placental tissues associated with the early stages of pregnancy. Studies attribute this role to a mechanism involving the chromatin structure at the TIMP1 promoter region, implicating new pharmaceutical possibilities for the therapeutic regulation of TIMP1. Accordingly, TIMP1 can be manipulated in vitro using techniques, like the TIMP1 knock-out. [Wiki]

Application Notes

Optimal dilution of the recombinant TIMP1 antibody should be determined by the researcher.

1. The prediluted format is supplied in a dropper bottle and is optimized for use in IHC. After epitope retrieval step (if required), drip mAb solution onto the tissue section and incubate at RT for 30 min.


Recombinant human protein was used as the immunogen for this recombinant TIMP1 antibody.


Store the recombinant TIMP1 antibody at 2-8oC (with azide) or aliquot and store at -20oC or colder (without azide).

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