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AKT1/2 Antibody (R30356)

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Image R30356 0.5mg/ml if reconstituted with 0.2ml sterile DI water 100 ug 389
Western blot testing of AKT1/2 antibody and Lane 1: MCF-7; 2: HeLa; 3: MM453; 4: HT1080; 5: COLO320 cell lysate. Predicted molecular weight: ~56kDa.
Availability 1-3 business days
Species Reactivity Human
Format Antigen affinity purified
Clonality Polyclonal (rabbit origin)
Isotype Rabbit IgG
Purity Antigen affinity
Buffer Lyophilized from 1X PBS with 2.5% BSA and 0.025% sodium azide/thimerosal
UniProt P31749
Applications Western blot : 0.5-1ug/ml
Limitations This AKT1/2 antibody is available for research use only.
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AKT protein family, which members are also called protein kinases B(PKB) plays an important role in mammalian cellular signaling. In humans, there are three genes in the Akt family: Akt1, Akt2, and Akt3. These genes code for enzymes that are members of the serine/threonine-specific protein kinase family. Akt1 is involved in cellular survival pathways, by inhibiting apoptotic processes. Akt1 is also able to induce protein synthesis pathways, and is therefore a key signaling protein in the cellular pathways that lead to skeletal muscle hypertrophy, and general tissue growth. Since it can block apoptosis, and thereby promote cell survival, Akt1 has been implicated as a major factor in many types of cancer. Akt(now also called Akt1) was originally identified as the oncogene in the transforming retrovirus, AKT8. AKT8 was isolated by Stephen Staal in the laboratory of Wallace P. Rowe; he subsequently cloned v-akt and human AKT1 and AKT2 while on staff at the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center. Akt2 is an important signaling molecule in the Insulin signaling pathway, it is required to induce glucose transport. Franke et al.(1995) show that AKT1 and AKT2 are activated by PDGF. The activation was rapid and specific, and it was abrogated by mutations in the Akt Pleckstrin homology(PH) domain. They identify that Akt is a novel target of PI 3-kinase and suggest that the Akt PH domain may be a mediator of PI 3-kinase signaling.

Application Notes

The stated application concentrations are suggested starting amounts. Titration of the AKT1/2 antibody may be required due to differences in protocols and secondary/substrate sensitivity.


An amino acid sequence from the N-terminus of human AKT1/2 (NTFIIRCLQWTTVIERTFHVE) was used as the immunogen for this AKT1/2 antibody (100% homologous in human, mouse and rat).


After reconstitution, the AKT1/2 antibody can be stored for up to one month at 4oC. For long-term, aliquot and store at -20oC. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

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